Related projects

AETHER – Air passenger transport security in the case of a CBRN threat by terrorists

AIRSAN – Coordinated action in the aviation sector to control public health threats

AIRSECURE – Risk-based detection and protective filtration system for airports against airborne chemical, biological or radiological hazards

BIOSMHARS – BIOcontamination Specific Modelling in HAbitats Related to Space crafts

CAPSCA – Cooperative Arrangement for the Prevention of Spread of Communicable disease through Air travel

EDEN – End-user driven DEmo for cbrNe

Exercise Common Ground, DG SANCO

FluModCont – Modelling the spread of pandemic influenza and strategies for its containment and mitigation

INFTRANS – Transmission modelling and risk assessment for released or newly emergent infectious disease agents

MODELREL – Simulation program for outbreak investigation and intervention planning

POLYMOD – Improving Public Health Policy in Europe through Modelling and Economic Evaluation of Interventions for the Control of Infectious Diseases

RAGIDA – European Risk Assessment Guidance for Infectious Diseases transmitted on Aircraft

SAFE – SAtellites For Epidemiology

SECUR-ED – Secured Urban Transportation – European Demonstration

SHIPSAN – Joint action to strengthen an strategy at EU level for safeguarding the health of travellers and crew of ships and preventing the cross-border spread of diseases